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The Thirsty Crow as we all are aware, is a story of determination, perseverance and out-of-the-box thinking. We at “The Thirsty Crow Marketing Services” (TTCMS) are a business and marketing consultancy. We represent these attributes and seek to bring value to your business by helping you achieve the desired business results by implementing our straightforward work philosophy, “Minimum Investment, Maximum Results” which in a way means – SIMPLIFIED MARKETING, AMPLIFIED RESULTS. Simply put, we ensure that your business goals are achieved by applying the values of intelligence, determination and assertiveness through creativity, foresightedness and innovation. Through the prism of these attributes, we at TTCMS bring you a gamut of result-oriented solutions to step your business a notch up.


ttc-marketing™ philosophy is derived from the same fabled tale of the thirsty crow that a simple idea, well executed can help you get your results faster and better. And hence our modern crow is equipped with a straw.

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How it all Works

At TTCMS we are not just confined to marketing consultancy or advisory services. We not only determine strategies and plans to take your business and marketing objectives forward but we have the wherewithal to execute our customized, well honed strategies to your marketing agenda. Based on the business issue at hand, we employ our various communication and marketing strategies towards bringing about a turn around and a positive change, thus bringing you closer to your business goals. Whether it is direct marketing or BTL, events or brand consulting, lead generation or social media consulting, database analytics, or digital solutions, we bring about the apt mix to provide you the maximum bang for the buck. We bring you closer to your goals by creating value through an incisive analysis of your particular business/market universe.

Experience Matters

TTCMS comprises of a team of highly motivated, determined and experienced professionals. We use our vast expertise and experience in providing consultancy and solutions, in a variety of ways. Whether it is traditional BTL or new age Digital and Social Media Marketing solutions, these methods are the precise ways that go a long way in turning around your business giving it the shape and position it desires in the marketplace. We combine marketing strategy and creativity to give you a wholesome dose of brand value that connect with your customers and affect your equity and bottom lines in a great way.